We Set you Up Our unique coaching sessions have helped many define what’s unique about them, articulate it with confidence and answer tough interview questions effectively. for Success View our Solutions Improve your skills Making the leap to a new job or from college grad to new employee is not easy. You want to stand out in a competitive field that can include many potential candidates. to get that Job View our Approach Prepare for that Research proves that an interviewer makes an assessment of you in just 30 seconds. It takes up to a full eight hours to master this 30 seconds while most people practice an hour. crucial 30 seconds

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As a successful senior management leader, Eric offers a balanced perspective in advising those he coaches, whether the focus is goal setting, strategic implementation or other business opportunities.


Eric’s extensive experience in facilitating senior management meetings, for organizations in both domestic and international settings, can enhance the efficacy and productivity of your senior management.


The 360 performance review is renowned for its success in providing a full-spectrum analysis of an individual’s contribution and Eric coaches for impact within in an organization.


Organizations benefit form a methodical, proven approach to strategic planning and organization-wide change initiatives, and Eric can assist in delivering greater operational efficiencies.
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Learning only happens in an atmosphere of trust. We spend the time necessary getting to know you or your daughter or son, so that we can customize our coaching agenda that works best. Clients tell us we have a unique gift for making them comfortable and relating feedback in a constructive, positive way. This is the most gratifying part of our job: seeing people take in – and put to use – new ways of making themselves stand out.

What sets us apart is experience. There is no shortage of seminars, classes, books and videos geared toward successful interviewing. Our many years of experience in Human Resource Management as recruiters, interviewers and trainers gives you, the learner, a valuable perspective from the “other side of the desk” about common pitfalls and proven winning strategies you can put into use.

About Me

Eric Snyder
Chief Success Officer

My name is Eric Snyder and I have the job of my dreams: helping others find theirs. As a professional executive, career, and interview coach, I help others in the work world to gain confidence and better understand how to succeed at job interviews. Every minute we work together increases your odds of success, as “practice makes perfect.”

As a successful senior leader in human resource management, organizational development and training, I understand the climate of today’s corporate environment and the intricacies of the hiring process. That experience serves well in delivering feedback when I am coaching.


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